Newsletter No. 005

Welcome to number 5 of Northants Parkinson’s People Bulletin.  You may have noticed the banner at the top of the newsletter has changed. We are trying out different colours. Let us know what you think about the design, someone said the concentric circles made them feel like a target, well we are trying to target people who are affected by Parkinson's disease (and their carers, family and friends) so if you know anyone who would like to receive this newsletter please get them to email Sylvia at the address below.

We hope you have enjoyed the previous issues but if you missed these and would like to see them either see our ARCHIVE  or email Sylvia at: [email protected] and she will gladly sent any you have missed.

Some really good news
We are delighted to let you know that the Northamptonshire NHS Trust have responded to requests from our Parkinson's Nurse Team to provide more support for people with Parkinson's. Mel Smith has let us know that a new nurse; Polly will be taking up her post in the north of the county in the middle of September. Debbie Smith, who many of you already know will increase her hours in the south. As reported in previous articles in this newsletter the prevalence of Parkinson's has risen over the last ten years and continues to rise. This has put a strain on the service that the Parkinson's nurses provide, so more nurses and an increase in hours is very good news for the Parkinson's community.

Northamptonshire Younger Parkinson’s Support Group  Holiday 2020  
Eastbourne  1st – 5th June 2020

This is with Exclusive Travel who organised our holiday to Torquay earlier this year and who bent over backwards to accommodate our needs.
Staying at The Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne. (Sister hotel to Abbey Lawns where we stayed this year.)

Cost: £340 per person. This includes:
  • 4 nights half board hotel accommodation
  • 2 excursions – scenic tour along Beachy Head and free time in Brighton Rye market and Hastings
  • 1 free day in Eastbourne
  • Evening entertainment
  • Sole use of  executive coach ( with toilet on board)
The Imperial Hotel is an excellent hotel. There are 4 steps up to the front door (with hand-rail) and a lift from the foyer to all floors.
Contact: Sue Mutlow 01933 274856   or [email protected]

Day trip to Springfields Outlet Leisure and Shopping centre

We are trying to organise a day trip to Springfields, Spalding on 19th September if anyone is interested. the cost will be £15 per head.
(Free for NYPG Members)
As well as 50 plus shops and plenty of coffee shops, Cafe's and Restaurants there is a garden centre and the Festival gardens  25 acres of landscaped lawns and exciting sculptures, dazzling water features. As a winner of the Rolls Royce International Property Awards, the Festival Gardens introduce members of the public, amateur gardeners and enthusiasts to a wide range of horticultural experiences. These include celebrity designed gardens: A Lifetime Ahead by Kim Wilde, Jungle Island by Charlie Dimmock, as well as formal gardens, woodland areas, wetlands, the Senses Garden and the Memorial, Sundial and Founders Gardens. There are also Display Fountains combining music and water for wonderful shows.
Contact: Sue Mutlow 01933 274856   or [email protected]

Living with Parkinson's
Doug usually sends in a story about his days as a boy soldier but this month he has taken to describing how parkinson's is affecting him in day to day living. I think this puts the disease into context, if you have a problem that won't go away then you have to deal with it. Doug is joined in this article by a few less well known celebs.

Housework (how hard can it be) 
Having reached five-year since being diagnosed with Parkinson's, this week end was the first time that I had not had my granddaughter, the lovely Kelly and her husband Dom, come to do the house work. This was due to the fact that they were moving house, so in my infinite wisdom when she asked if I would be OK, I quite calmly said of course (not wanting to appear a burden) my first mistake. 
So on Saturday morning I decided that I was going to be OK and tackle the changing of the bedding, mistake number two. It is amazing how wearing walking around a double bed can be! I decided after 30 minutes that enough was enough and that I would forgo a fresh duvet cover, the fitting of which can be difficult at the best of times. I sat down for a while (bad move) and decided to have a snack. I then rang a couple of friends for a chat and the next thing I realised it was mid afternoon. So I thought I'll do the rest in the morning. 
Morning came and I decided to go and get a paper, the weather not being bad it took me about 25 minutes. I then had my breakfast and a second cuppa and I was ready to start. First; washing up went OK. The washing machine was then loaded and I'm thinking this is going to be a "breeze"..... Must send memo to self "do not make rash statements like that"!!!  After tidying up, putting books away, I decided to do the vacuuming. After starting of OK I tripped on the cable, stumbled and ended up on the sofa bit shaken, I thought to myself "must be careful", I carried on and went to turn towards the hallway. 
I managed to trip again but as I fell I was able to push myself to the side and stop falling, luckily. Now, definitely shook up I finished as quickly as possible. I sat down with relief ....I never knew how dangerous and exhausting housework could be. I am now definitely leaving it to others and I will take help when offered and stop being stubborn. 

Just an observation, thought that it may help anyone who is in a similar situation as I.   Doug, 2019

When I start pouring [cereal], I don't know what's going to happen. The next thing I know, I'm spraying All-Bran all over the kitchen. MICHAEL J. FOX, "Michael J. Fox Is Feelin' Alright After 20+ Years With Parkinson's"

With Parkinson's, exercise is better than taking a bottle of pills. If you don't do anything you'll just stagnate. BRIAN LAMBERT, "Parkinson's is no barrier to cycling"

When a friend or family member is diagnosed with Parkinson's, there are many battles that need to be tackled. Most importantly, support, love and understanding are imperative for the sufferer, the carer and the families.... Do a lot of encouraging and try your hardest to continue on in a normal way.  GABRIELLA ROGERS, Living with Parkinson's

If I'm at events and I'm clapping, my mind will say, 'Stop clapping,' but I just keep going. Tracy says, 'You're always the last one clapping.' I swear, it's not out of appreciation -- it's out of disintegration. You have to laugh at that. MICHAEL J. FOX, "Michael J. Fox Is Feelin' Alright After 20+ Years With Parkinson's"

People with Parkinson's can often mitigate effects by keeping active and engaged in the community. But doing so can be difficult because Parkinson's can make them want to withdraw. This can be a symptom of the disease's main effect on the brain, destruction of dopamine -- a neurotransmitter involved in regulating movement, pleasure and motivation, among other roles. There's a real catch-22 because often you don't feel like getting up and going. It's hard to get started, but the sooner you do and the more you do, the better and easier it will get as time goes on. JOEL SCHLESINGER, "Camaraderie today, a cure tomorrow", Winnipeg Free Press, March 21, 2016

The Rotary Club of the Nene Valley Donates £3,000 to The Tulip Club

Angela Jeffery receiving a cheque for £3,000 from Tony Roberts.
On behalf of the Tulip Group, Angela would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Tony Roberts of the Rotary Club of the Nene Valley. For those of you who don’t know, local Rotary clubs are part of a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders and problem solvers in 200 countries. Rotary members unite individuals and take action to create change and support thousands of people worldwide.
Each and every year, the Rotary Club of the Nene Valley choose local Northamptonshire good causes, ensuring their donations are spent on the individuals they were intended for. This year, the Tulip Group was chosen by Tony Roberts, President of the club during the 2018 – 2019 Rotary Year.

The Tulip Group is a small weekly group which has been managed by Angela Jeffery for the past few years. The group is for people with Parkinson’s who wouldn’t otherwise get out and about very often due to mobility problems caused by Parkinson’s. The people who attend the group pay a fee, set by the N’pton Branch P.UK and this covers lunch’s, refreshments and transport etc. The N’pton Branch P.UK subsidise any other expenses. However, the Tulip Group has a very good reputation within the community and many people donate to the Branch because of this valuable service which is
available to support people with Parkinson’s.
Last year Tony approached Angela via her private exercise group and very kindly offered to raise money for people with Parkinson’s. Following this generous offer Val Hamblin (very much missed ex chair) and Angela went along to the Rotary Club of the Nene Valley and gave a presentation about
Parkinson’s and about the Tulip Group which was very well received. Tony and his fellow Rotarians worked extremely hard throughout the year raising an amazing amount for local Charities, including the Tulip Group and Tony very kindly presented Angela with a cheque for £3,000 which has been handed over to the Branch and has been ring fenced for the Tulip Groups expenses.

Thank You Very Much Tony and all at the Rotary Club of the Nene Valley.

Singing and Breathing Group
(singing is good for Parkinson's too)
We now have four groups in Northamptonshire – Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and Northampton. The leaders of the groups are specially trained, and they include singing exercises and a range of songs within each session. You don’t have to be a good singer – anyone can join - the first session is free and then £4 a week. People who sing in the group say that the singing really helps them to breathe more easily and it also has psychological and social benefit. It’s great fun, with no pressure. If you would like further information, then get in touch with Pat on 07434 989146 or email:
[email protected]

Fit&Fab Summer Day Trip 

We all had a lovely day on our annual boat trip. Thanks to everyone who came along and for those that missed it Angela has booked another for 5th October - get your name on the crew list by calling Angela 07954 099 537...

What Three Words
If like me you live in a postcode area with lots of addresses (58 properties) getting deliveries or even friends to the right door can be a pain.  This is what happened to Chris Sheldrick, a music producer working in Italy. He however had a friend who was a mathematician who helped him divide up THE WHOLE WORLD into 3 metre squares each identified by just three words.  10 years on and anyone can use this grid with a smartphone. 
The emergency services recommend anyone who is walking or visiting the beach to have it (because they can find you faster if you need help)  several car manufacturers are including what3words into their satellite navigation systems.

As you can see from the above picture of Abington Park nearly every table at the coffee shop occupies a different grid square. 
So if you are...
venturing out and about or just want to find your car in a car park its worth having or suggesting your family/friend/companion has it before you set out.
Or If you want a taxi to drop you exactly at a spot or pick you up check if they use what3words
Now we know some of you don't get on with this High Tech stuff and we are not suggesting you start now if its not your thing. Bear with us as we want to include all manner of topics that will interest every one.  To that end any suggestions for content are always welcome. please email Sylvia at: or call Angela 07954 099 537..
Get the App here
And if you want to try it out...
 ///wider.hugs.gazed (these are the 3 words to get you there*)

Every Friday at 10:30 A group of us meet in (Abington Park between the Tennis courts and the Bowling Green*.) We have a little warm up then either a long or short walk (depending on ability) We all meet up at the coffee shop at the end.  It's free and inclusive, we have participants who use Nordic poles, just walk, use a walking aid or come along in a wheelchair.

Walk in the Park , Fridays 10:30  Come rain or shine

Lets get Quizzical
1)          Which city was the capital of West Germany from 1949 until 1990. 

2)          What is the meaning of the word Panary

                 A) a songbird.         B) bread storehouse.         C) a soup bowl 

3)          Which African animal takes it's name from the Dutch for "earth pig"

4)          A book by Vladimir Nabokov, which was banned when first published. 

5)         Which element is represented by the letter W on the periodic table 

6)          What was operation "Torch" in WW2

Sylvia's Gardening Tips.
This month a few Gardening
Bits and Bobs.
If you have any dahlia plants don’t forget to deadhead them every couple of days. Be careful which heads you cut off. The new buds are rounded and the dead heads are pointed.
New Bud coming on a Dahlia
This is a dead flower head
I’m sure most readers will know all about this but I mention it as I have a friend who cut all the round buds off and couldn’t understand why she had no flowers! By dead heading on a regular basis you can expect your dahlias to flowers right up to the first frosts.
Victoria plum trees have a bumper crop this year.
I have propped some branches up with a patio chair as they were in danger of breaking off. Luckily my neighbour works for the forestry commission and he came to secure some branches with bits of wood. The tree is held up with string , wood and chairs. My neighbour has done such a good job he deserves a blue peter badge! Perfect!
I write this on the 11th -12th August, the weekend of the high winds. My plum tree, even though well supported is taking a battering. Decided to pick some of the largest half ripe plums to lighten the load. Put on trays indoors they will turn ripe ready for use.
Finally the sunflowers which I am sure quite a few of you had are glorious. Any flower heads which have died off can be cut and put on kitchen window sill to dry for saving the seeds. Alternatively just put them on the bird table providing our feathered friends with a feast!
Pruning tips for this month
Apple trees---cut back two thirds of this season’s growth
Blackcurrants can be harvested and the stems cut down to the ground.

Gertrude Jekyll 1843-1932 the renowned English landscape and garden designer wrote:
‘The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.’
How very true!

Recipe of the Month
Banana Loaf
'We already have bananas at home' I say.  'They are too ripe, you'll have to make cake with them' says she.  I can't really be annoyed at this constant waste of bananas, it's because I'm a great cook. Ha not really it's just Banana loaf is so easy.

The trick is patience.  just wait a day or two and when they are just right... Go for it.
Ok they are black, squeezy and the stem is like a twig. Perfect and very bananery?

If they are really ripe you can  cut the stem end of and squeeze them into the mixing bowl like toothpaste.

If I have more than two bananas (3-4) I'll make two loaves.  Once cooled, wrap one in clingfilm and freeze for later.
You will need 1 (or 2) 2Lb loaf tins. greased and lined with greaseproof paper (they call it baking parchment nowadays) Preheat the oven to Gas MK 4 or 190 deg C.  An electric mixer will make things easier but you can also use a good old wooden spoon.


100g (4 oz)   butter, softened 
175g  (6oz)   caster sugar
225g  (8 oz)  self raising flour
2                   eggs
2                   bananas
1 tsp             baking powder 
2 tbsp           milk
Measure all the ingredients straight into a mixing bowl and mix for two or three minutes (with an electric mixer) pour into the cake tin and bake for an hour.
Test with skewer (should come out clean)  if the cake looks done on the outside but is still undercooked inside lower the oven temp a little and cook for another 5 mins and check again.

Once cooked remove from oven leave in the tin for 10 minutes then turn it out onto a wire rack to cool.
Optionally add in some chocolate chips when mixing (this is not an option in or house but an essential ingredient)

If you are just getting in to baking, just buy plain flour and baking powder. this saves on cupboard space as you only have to store one type of flour. Just follow the instructions on the baking powder to make the flour self raising. This is usually 3 level tsp per 225g of flour (standard mix to make into Self Raising) and an extra one for this recipe.

We aim to be...

an inclusive group so if you have an idea for an article that you think would be of interest then get in touch with us.
You don't have to be a journalist, and if you find trouble getting your idea onto paper or email we'll give you a helping hand.

Answers to the Quiz

 1)          Bonn.             
 2)          B. a bread storehouse.             
 3)          Aardvark 
 4)          Lolita.                     
 5)         Tungsten (wolfram).                 
 6)         Allied invasion of North Africa (Morocco and Algeria) 

We have a community facebook page, here is the link please like and share:

And Finally... Still being developed
In 2016 CNN published a story about a group of engineers who (had) developed a gyro glove that would reduce or eliminate Parkinson's tremour in the hand and also help surgeons and photographers hold their hands steady.  The sad news today is the giroglove is still in development and there is no sign they are going into production soon.  It looks like they are still tinkering. It's no consolation but these things take time and money.  We can only wish them luck and hope for good news soon.
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