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Second Boat Trip
Our second boat trip was trifle damp, to say the least. We also nearly ended up with ships biscuits for lunch as the pub we usually end up at closed their kitchen (due to a gas leak)  This is not to say we didn't have fun, coffee and biscuits and good company can make up for dodgy weather.  We quizzed and sang and danced, yes danced! and eventually, the rain ebbed away as we returned. We all then headed to the Queen Eleanor pub where we feasted.


Holcot Car Boot Sale
We had several stalls together for the boot sale. It was an unseasonably cold day but that didn't seem to keep the punters away.  We made just over £300. Thanks to everyone who donated and/or came along on the day to buy from us or just say hello.

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Current Activities
We have been back at Abington Church Rooms for three sessions now - unfortunately, the Church Rooms were broken into earlier this month and we had to cancel for one week but hopefully now we will be all systems go. It is so very important to keep as active, strong and flexible as possible. We aim to improve: Balance, Stamina, Posture, Coordination, Mood, Strength, Flexibility and Heart Health to name but a few benefits. We are at Abington Church rooms every thursday 10am Start. call Angela for more details: 07954 099537

Virtual Pub Quiz

Every 1st Saturday of the month. (next one is 2nd October 11:00 am) Zoom in with the in-crowd. Several rounds of General Knowledge, Music and Pictures. A bit of a social at the end. 
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Meeting ID: 828 1659 4622
Passcode: 454328

Walk In the Park  -  Venue Update
As you can see, we are getting a good turnout. We've decided to revert our Friday morning walk to Abington Park so we can include the Cafe in the Park as an endpoint. It will be the same start time 10:30 so if anyone just wants to meet for the coffee we should have finished the walk by11-11.15 am.  We have diverted our walks at the racecourse occasionally to stop at the Cafe (the Old Grocery Expresso Bar) in Colwyn Rd but it doesn't have the seating for a large group. We still hold out hope that the Umbrella Fair venue will get going (in the Racecourse Pavillion)

All are welcome whatever your ability, come along on a Monday and get some training with Walking Poles. Wednesday and Friday's are friendship walk days - bring your poles if you want. We meet at 10:30 am in the car park just off Kettering Road, near the old Pavillion. We have attendee's with walkers and in wheelchairs so whatever your ability if you want some fresh air and good company please come along (if you are up to it we sometimes split into two groups so the more energetic can stretch their legs a bit)

The full itinerary
Mondays  10:30, RACECOURSE, meet at the Pavilion car park.
Wednesdays 10:30, RACECOURSE, meet at the Pavilion car park
Fridays  10:30, ABINGTON PARK, meet at the Pavilion car park  Starting on Friday 8th October Meeting at the bowling green/tennis courts.  The nearest entrance is in Christchurch Road. The image below shows the meeting point. If you use the 'What three Words' app on your phone the location is ///lace.hiking.drain

NYPD (Northants Younger Parkinsons's Dudes)
 Our NYPD group have been enjoying a couple of outings - if anyone is young at heart / early-onset and would like to learn more about this group of guys please get in touch with Angela who will put you in touch with Nick.

Northants Parkinson's People contact details are
Being Flexible…. 

There are huge benefits to being flexible; including improved posture, mobility and muscle coordination, as well as having a reduced risk of muscle soreness and injuries. 

These are benefits that can not only improve our quality of life in the physical sense, but are also great for helping us to adopt a more positive, relaxed state of mind. Some people are more naturally flexible than others but flexibility can be improved by adding regular stretching into your routine. Maintaining and improving your flexibility can ensure you can continue to do all the things you need and want to do in your lifestyle. For example, reaching down to put your socks on or to play with grandchildren without feeling the strain.  

Research has shown that as we get older, we do naturally lose some flexibility, but we can maintain and improve this with regular exercise and stretching. Also, it has been found that improved flexibility in joints such as ankles, knees and hips can improve balance so therefore reduce the risk of falls.   

6 Ways to Improve and Maintain Flexibility: 
  • Stretch regularly (always warming up first) 
  • Avoid sitting for too long 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Work on building & maintaining strength  
  • Use a foam roller – helps to increase soft tissue flexibility 
  • Choose a balanced diet – include anti-inflammatory/nutrient rich foods such as berries, mushrooms, peppers, all fatty fish. 

Our Guest quiz compiler this month is Marie. The aim of this quiz is to discover the missing word that links to each of the clue words. For example, playing, board, birthday.............Card.
Sweet peas have all but finished flowering now so can be taken down, composted and the obelisk and pot (if used) can be cleaned and stored for next year.
However, you could do what I do and let the last flowers go to seed. When the pods are brown and feel paper dry pick them and take the seeds out of the pod. Store them in a paper envelope ready for planting either in November in a greenhouse or shed or next spring.
If you have sage in your garden then save some for use during the winter. Cut some stems with new growth on them and tie them into a bunch, then hang upside down in a dry place. After a couple of weeks pick off the leaves and store them in an airtight jar. Best to also take a couple of cuttings from the plant and overwinter them in a shed or greenhouse just in case the original plant doesn’t survive the winter.
Other herbs like parsley, mint, thyme, oregano, rosemary can all be propagated by taking stem cuttings and leaving in a dry place over winter or on the kitchen window sill
If you have been lucky enough to have a glut of tomatoes don’t let them go to waste. Here are a few very tasty recipes that are really easy to do.

Tomato and chilli soup

  • 4-5 lbs ripe tomatoes;
  • 2 medium onions;
  • 2 small carrots,
  • 2 celery sticks;
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil;
  • 4squirts tomato puree;
  • good pinch salt;
  • black pepper,
  • 4 bay leaves;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • 2 medium-hot red chillies (optional);
  • 3 pints stock made from vegetable stock cubes;
  • teaspoon sugar.
Roughly chop carrots, onions, garlic, de-seeded chilli (if using), celery. Put oil into a large pan and
warm it up then throw in all the chopped ingredients and leave to cook gently until softened. Now
add the tomato puree and stir thoroughly. Roughly chop the tomatoes discarding any woody bits
at the stem end. Now add the tomatoes, pinch salt, black pepper, teaspoon sugar, and bay
leaves (bruise them slightly before adding to release the flavour). Stir well and leave to simmer until
the tomatoes are lovely and squishy! Then slowly pour in the stock and turn up the heat until it is
bubbling nicely. Reduce the heat and simmer until everything has softened nicely. Turn off the
heat and leave to stand for about 15 minutes. I then use a stick blender straight into the mixture in
the saucepan until it is all smooth and creamy. Alternatively, you could use a blender but just be
careful when spooning the mixture into the blender so as not to burn yourself.
These quantities make 8 portions of soup which freezes extremely well.
Tomato and Apple Jam

  • 1lb firm tomatoes;
  • ¾ lb apples (when peeled and cored-I used cooking apples);
  • l lemon;
  • 1 ½ lbs sugar;
  • water.
Finely slice the lemons removing the pips and place in a large saucepan just covering the lemon with
water. Simmer until tender. Dice the apples and slice the tomatoes and add to the pan with the

sugar. Turn up the heat and stir constantly until the sugar has dissolved. Keep at a gentle boil until
the mixture is thick and somewhat clear. Pour into sterilised jars and leave to cool before sealing.
These quantities make two 1lb jars.
I slightly variated on the method as follows: I took the skins off the tomatoes and also when the
jam had reached the setting point I used my stick blender for a couple of seconds only as I wanted some
of the apples pureed down and some to stay chunky.
Tomato Chutney, this is courtesy of Norma 
Very easily made and very tasty too.
1kg ripe tomatoes roughly chopped; 1 onion peeled and chopped; 150g demerara sugar; 100ml
white wine vinegar; 2 tablespoons Worcester sauce; 1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard.
Put all ingredients into a large saucepan and heat gently stirring all the time until the sugar dissolves.
Reduce heat until the mixture is bubbling and cook for approximately 30 minutes until it looks syrupy
and has reduced in volume quite considerably. Spoon into sterilised jars and it will keep for at least
three months (that’s if it lasts that long!)

Tomato Sauce
An 'if all else fails' recipe, Ideal as a base for pasta sauce, a bolognese or a casserole or soup. it's great for using up all those tomatoes that are split or past their best. 
  • Tomatoes, as many as you like.
  • Chopped basil or dried basil, to taste
  • Garlic, I use bottled garlic paste, but again, to taste.
  • Olive oil, enough to coat the tomatoes
  • Optionally add chopped onions
Half the tomatoes, add basil, garlic and olive oil. Stir. Add to an ovenproof dish.
Best prepared when you are cooking a roast so you can share the oven heat.
Bake at the bottom of the oven until soft and starting to caramelise.
Cool and freeze as it is in 400ml batches or liquidise to desired thickness.


The Charity Shield is a competition run by the FA, between 2  (nominated) teams. It started life as the Sheriff of London Shield in 1898 with between 2 selected sides1 professionals and 1 amateur ( this was in the days of "gentlemen vs players) the competition lasted until the 1908 season, it then fell into the auspices of the F.A and was renamed 'The Charity Shield',  
They decided that it would be a season-ending occasion between the champions of the Football League and the champions of the Southern League. The first Charity Shield was played in 1908 the football league champions were Manchester United the Southern League champions were Queens Park Rangers, the Manchester duly despatched QPR (1 -0). 

But dear readers it is with the second match in 1909 things get interesting. On the 28th April 1909, the second Charity Shield took place and it was scheduled for KO 3 pm at Stamford Bridge, London. When the teams lined up on the pitch, the football league champions were the mighty men from "Geordie land" NEWCASTLE UNITED. Among this outstanding array of talent was one who was regarded by many to be the best defender in the world, the 'Ulsterman' BILL McCRACKEN.  The team to face these giants of the game was from a small sleepy market town in the southeast midlands called NORTHAMPTON TOWN. This team had appeared as if from 'nowhere ' and under their genius of a manager/coach HERBERT CHAPMAN (now considered to be one of the great managers of all time, in the 1920s  he won 3 consecutive league titles with HUDDERSFIELD TOWN, then repeated the feat in the 1930s  with ARSENAL ) This was his first foray into management. This then was the set-up for the match. The match proved to be a long-drawn-out affair, but the overwhelming might of the Geordies won in the end to the score of  NEWCASTLE   2   0 NORTHAMPTON. 

The 'Jolly Cobblers' as they were known as then, did give a good account of themselves, and their tactics. At this time most teams would, when attacking try to beat 2 or 3 men then pass. Chapman's sides would use fitness, stamina and use what we now call "push and run ". After the game, a few of the Geordies were quoted as remarking  "it's a good job we don't play 'em in our league, we wouldn't win many"  
So ended NORTHAMPTON TOWN's  dalliance with the big time  (until 1965 when they climbed to the 1st division)

There are no known photos of the match or the team on that day. This team guide appeared in the Chelsea FC Chronicle at the time
Mimi on the Move - 25 September 2021
Mimi (Angela's sister) who until recently was our charity Secretary is currently teaching in South Korea, She has sent an update of how things are going for her and hubby Paul.

Hopefully, that means ‘Hi’ in Korean. So far we have managed that and Thankyou (Kamsamnida) but are doing okay as most people speak some or lots of English! Apologies for missing a month but we were very busy…there are so many things to see plus my working hours are quite long. But here are the highlights of our time so far…

FOOD: We are still using some of the quarantine noodles/ramen and some of the rice. However, the ‘beef soups’ in various guises are still in the cupboard! We have found most
things here, like Oreos and Bonne Maman jam, and are trying new delicacies like dumplings and kimchi (the Korean favourite dish). Cannot say I am a fan yet, but will try the various
cabbage concoctions a bit more to say I’ve tried!
SPAM: not the email stuff but the very traditional ‘meat’ product. It is given as gifts for the recent Thanksgiving holiday (Cheusok) as after the war it was the only food they had, gifted
by the Americans. Now it is very popular and very nicely gift packaged!

BEACH-LIFE: We love the seaside, as it is beautiful and windy (so cooler) in the 80 degrees / 80 per cent humidity we have been experiencing. As it is a volcanic island – which apparently
we will walk up one day – it makes the scenery all the more dramatic, even if we cannot sit on a ‘sandy’ beach! The whole island has a linked network of walking trails called Olle Trails
(and many bike trails) which allows you to walk all the way around the island almost. We’ve done a few bits of a few (they are quite long) but it is very well organised, signposted and
the facilities are plentiful (toilets all clean here!)
This is a sculpture of the famous women free divers, they free dive (no air tanks) for shellfish and sea cucumbers  ( haenyeo. )  See this website for more on The Female Free Divers of Jeju (
And the second-highest peak on the island after the volcano. MORE WATER: A few waterfalls on the Island add to its beauty and UNESCO world heritage status and it is a very popular destination for Korean and Asian holidaymakers…everyone loves a selfie!!
TOURISTS: Apparently if you open a museum you get tax breaks so we see loads everywhere – Hello Kitty, Aerospace, Citroen and Peugeot, and Cactus to name a few. Not yet visited but they are (all?) highly popular. COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Our students have to attend after school and Saturday sessions, all based around Service, Activity or Creativity. I did sign up for K-Pop Belly Dancing but unfortunately, it was too exciting for them this term, so I am currently helping out with Olle Trail Clean up and Debating (not together). Both are extremely popular for differing reasons,
but it is great seeing the kids enjoy themselves outside of the classrooms.

We’ve had a lovely first few months. The weather is becoming a little more tolerable; we have a car to explore with; we’ve worked out shopping and basics; we’ve found some lovely restaurants and cafes; we’ve made some great new friends! I think we’ve proven so far – you are never too old to change!
See you next month….
Mimi and Paul
  2. ARMS
  3. ONE
  5. DRIFT
  6. PILOT
  7. HUMAN
  8. BRASS
  10. HEN
  11. YARD
  12. CHARGE
  13. CROWD
  15. EVENT
  16. RUN
  17. SPLIT
  18. DEEP
  20. HEAVY
  21. NAIL
  22. BENCH
  23. SENSE
  24. CAR
When life gives you...

One of our members produces cakes, mainly for his Grandchildren but he did bring one to a recent Fit&Fab.  We presume his Parkinson's makes it difficult to produce straight or round or smooth so he's embraced the old adage 'when life gives you... Parkinson's, Make Wonky Cakes.  He's even got the packaging with 'Wonky Cake Factory'   Good for him. Very inspiring.
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