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May 2022 Issue No. 37
Charity News
April's been and gone! May seems a little on the chilly side to me, especially when I'm trying to save by not running the heating too much, still give it a week or two, and we'll be moaning about the heatwave, what are we like!  In the meantime, get stuck into issue No 37.

We hope you enjoyed last month's newsletter. Due to circumstances, our newsletter  ARCHIVE isn't quite up to date. Please bear with us and we'll sort it out soon
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Moulton Festival - 21st May
We have been offered a place for a couple of tables at the very popular Moulton Festival this year. PLEASE have a spring-clean and let us have any items you think may sell - Pre - Loved jewellery, knick-knacks, ornaments, unwanted gifts, crafts you make, candles etc.
We will be selling anything we can and all proceeds will go in the Charity pot for future activities.
Contact Angela : 01604 244 444 or email: [email protected] or bring along to walkies, exercises or lunch and give to Sylvia or Angela  
Thank you very much everyone

Northants Parkinson's people
Lunch Club
Our Lunch Club is going strong, this month it's on the 3rd (1st Tuesday of the month) so please come along to the Queen Eleanor pub for 12:30 where the marvellous staff will serve us at our tables while we get on with this great social occasion.

Northants Parkinson's people
Partners Coffee Morning
Meeting on every third Tuesday of the month at Brampton Halt Pub, Pitsford Rd, Chapel Brampton, Northampton NN6 8BA at 10:30am. Please do come even if this is a little way out for you as we will be open to moving locations to suit everyone who comes along. The coffee is very reasonably priced, and everyone pays for their own beverages.

This group will be looked after by Linda, one of our volunteers; And If you would like any more information please call on (01604) 244 444
Please get your Friends and Families involved
We are registered with EASYFUNDRAISING, which means you can help us for FREE. Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to shop with them – at no extra cost to yourself! All you need to do is sign up and remember to use easyfundraising whenever you shop online. It’s easy and completely FREE!
Even if you don't shop online, maybe your friends or families do. Please ask them to help too.
Click the image to sign up or go to

Every Thursday at Abington Park Rooms, Park Avenue North (& corner of Ashburnham Rd), Northampton NN3 2HT.
1st Thursday of the month is a one-hour session, every other Thursday it's a two-hour session with coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake!)
Any questions you can call Angela 07954 099 537

Virtual Pub Quiz
As covid seems to have abated, and the days have got longer, the quiz attendance has dropped, so we are putting it on the shelf for a while. Just let us know when you want to start up again.

Walk In the Park
The walk in the park combines exercise, fresh air and good company. On Wednesday's and Fridays, we finish at the Park Café in Abington Park.

  The full itinerary
  • Mondays       10:30, RACECOURSE, meet at the Pavilion car park.
  • Wednesdays AND Fridays       10:30, ABINGTON PARK, meeting at the bowling green/tennis courts. 
    The nearest entrance is in Christchurch Road. If you use the 'What three Words' app on your phone,
    the location is ///lace.hiking.drain

NYPD Play Pool!
Northants Parkinson's People contact details are
We have had some very special donations this month in memory of friends and members.

Lady Jennifer Lowther 11.11.27 - 19.01.22 written by Val Hamblin

Some people just can't help making a difference in our lives
By simply being who they are
They make the world a little brighter
A little warmer, and a little gentler,
And when they have gone, we realize
How lucky we are to have known them

I felt this really was appropriate to sum up my feelings at the passing of Jenny, who was a wonderful President to our previous branch for more than twenty years, and she attended many meetings. The members were always delighted to see her, and she made a point of personal chats with as many as possible during her visits.
The garden and propagating plants were two of her loves and skills, and many thousands of pounds were raised and donated to help us provide the amount of support given to the people locally with Parkinson's. Not only did the plants come from her greenhouse
but Jenny would sit at the fundraising stalls and supply a display anywhere she was able to raise funds for us.
Sir John and Lady Lowther arranged for Daphne and Gerald Kennaird and I with my daughter Louise for a very memorable time attending a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.
At the conclusion of Jenny's memorial service a retiring collection was held for St Ethelreda's Church, Guilsborough and Northants Parkinson's People, a most wonderful gesture.
Val Hamblin

In Memory of Ken Hird
We wish to thank the family for donating £200 to us in Ken's memory. Ken used to attend Val Hamblin's former support day and regularly entertained everyone with his piano playing skills, encouraging one and all to join in a sing song.  
Here is Ken enjoying his 90th Birthday at the group.

In memory of Glyn Appleby.
We wish to thank the family for a donation to us in Glyn's memory. Glyn was a much valued member of a group Angela ran prior to Covid. Those who knew him have very fond memories of Glyn and specifically remember how kind and thoughtful he always was. Glyn was a true gentleman, and he always put others before himself, pulling out chairs for other group members, so they could sit down safely, and helping people walk to the dining room making sure they had their walking aids. He was always happy and had a cheerful smile for everyone. Glyn's wife Karen and the family wanted us to know they are grateful for the support they received from both Val and Angela.  

Here is a picture of Glyn with Mel, one of our Parkinson's Nurses.

Thank you also to Higham Piecemakers
For donating £125 which was raised from a raffle on World Parkinson's Awareness day this year.  Higham Piecemakers are a talented group who meet every week in Higham Ferrers to work their magic. If you would like to see some of their beautiful creations, please follow this link: 
  1. Who is described as the "BARD OF AVON"
  2. Who played the role of SPARTACUS in the classic film of that name?
  3. What was the capital of "WEST GERMANY" 1949 - 1990
  4. What is the only town in England mentioned in the title of a Shakespeare play? 
  5. What is the  name of botanical gardens in London. 
  6. What type of boat has two hulls? 
  7. What colour are the "BELL'S IN MARY'S  GARDEN" 
  8. How many Pounds (weight) in a STONE. 
  9.  What is BILLINGSGATE MARKET famous for selling. 
  10. What metal is an alloy of CARBON and IRON ?
Charity Report
The end of April sees the end of our second year as a Charity. Our first-year operations were under the restrictions of Covid, so this last year we have tentatively started to return to some sort of normality. 
As per the requirements of the Charities Commission we produce an end of year report and final accounts for their website. Everyone who has joined as a member will receive these with their invitation to our AGM. For everyone else here is a quick snapshot of our achievements over the last year.
  • Our monthly Newsletter has been delivered every month for three years now via email. 
  • We have 273 recipients of the newsletter. 
  • Our website has had over 1000 visitors since launching 
  • Regular friendship calls are still ongoing; however, most recipients have been persuaded to attend face to face social events now. 
  • Via the help-line/Facebook/advertising/website, we have supported 68 individual people affected by Parkinson’s. These have been for varied issues to include support with Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Blue Badge applications, general signposting and information about Parkinson’s and our support groups. This work is provided by an experienced advisor on a as required basis and is invoiced at an hourly rate.   
  • We have 96 members, many giving donations on joining.  
  • Our thrice weekly walks have approximately 18 individuals who attend – not necessarily on the same day, but at some point during the week.  
  • Our two Nordic walking volunteers continue to demonstrate and offer support with correct usage of walking poles to those who use these.   
  • Younger Guys have named their group NYPD. Northants, Younger, Parkinson’s Dudes. They have 19 on their invite lists. They have organized various events to include Go Karting and a Pools Tournament.  
  • Monthly Lunch Group began this year, and we have enjoyed welcoming over 30 people each time to include people with Parkinson’s and their partners.  
  • We have just set up a Partner’s group who have met twice, once per month, this is a group which was requested we provide, and is very supportive and helpful.  
  • Zoom online exercises continues and welcomes approx. 8 attendees per week. One regular in France and another in Rugby.  
  • Weekly face to face exercise group is supported by the Charity to provide additional social time. Regular attendance of 17 plus.  
  • Fundraising skills are provided by Sylvia our wonderful volunteer who has raised £1066.00 this year and continues to sell plants, Jams, Marmalade, Books etc. Big thanks also to Pat, who makes wonderful, creative cards and sparking ornaments for Sylvia to sell. Also, we have wonderful Rosemary who makes delicious cakes which are sold at exercises and walking. Finally, lovely Marie has also made some wonderful crafty items sold at various locations for the benefit of the Charity.  
  • We formed a small group and had a car boot sale, collecting items from supporters, and we raised £300. And raised awareness by handing out leaflets about the Charity.  
  • We organized two boat trips last summer and plan to do more activities this year.
Northants Parkinson's People is run by a committee of volunteers. We also have a management team and both meet every couple of months to discuss upcoming plans and to oversee how our groups are running. We feel proud that we have made a difference to many people by offering this support, and we know you appreciate our efforts.
If anyone would like to help us in any small way, we would be very grateful. Please let us know if you have any spare time/ideas/skills/interests that might be of benefit to the wider Parkinson's community. 
Roll Up, Roll Up got your name down for our first little trip ...
Just to test the waters - no pun intended! We have booked a 'New' River Cruise on a new boat, the Community Spirit, based at Northampton Marina. The trip will be running from just below Northampton Lock in Becket’s Park.
​We are hoping to have a gentle river cruise, stopping for lunch at The Britannia, Bedford Rd.
Date: Wed 25th May - meeting at Beckets Park 10ish - 3pm The boat trip will be £6.50 each - to Sylvia or Angela asap and all lunches will be paid for separately on the day. Get your name down as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

To book call 01604 244 444 or email: [email protected]

More trips will be organized in the following months to include the 'Old' Canal Cruise Trip and The Music Hall at The Deco and a couple of coach trips. Watch this space....
Mike Tindall speaking about Parkinsons
This other day on Breakfast TV they had an interview with the former England rugby international Mike Tindall. He was speaking about his father, who has Parkinson's (diagnosed almost 20 years.)
It was refreshing to hear him speak about the everyday things that we sufferers have to tolerate, such as the way that if you're having a  bad day how that affects your mood and depression can easily take hold if you don't get a hold of it.
He did mention that exercise is very important, and watch your diet, try to eat healthily, which we all know, but it doesn't hurt to reiterate it.
I hope that some of you readers also saw this interview. 
Sorry this epistle is a short one this month, but I've been having a few bad days myself, but as the saying goes "That's Life". 
All the best,   Chairman Doug. 
I could not resist showing some photographs of different blossom trees, all taken within a two miles radius of the Northampton town centre. It made me think how little we actually take the time to sit or stand and really look at the blossom on the trees at this time of year. It only lasts for a couple of weeks, and yet the number of flowers on any one tree is humungous! Such a glorious sight! The first photo is my apple tree, which is only five foot high! Then a beautiful camellia tree and blossom, such lovely vibrant colours.

So, we will start with pruning to be done in May. Early flowering clematis should be trimmed once they have finished flowering. This is to maintain a nice shape and also to stop them overwhelming nearby plants. Trim Japanese quince too again after it has finished flowering this will encourage new flowers next spring.
If you are interested in gardening without using any chemicals etc, then there are a few little tips on what can help.
If you see early signs of green fly on your rose buds, just run your thumb and forefinger up and down and squish them away. Getting rid of blackfly on runner beans is easy. I just set my hosepipe to full jet and blast them off. You can make your own pest deterrent by chopping a handful of hot red chillies and soak in water for a few days, strain and then use the liquid in a spray bottle. An old kitchen surface spray bottle thoroughly cleaned will do. A good solution to deter mildew on courgettes and cucumbers is a 50 x 50 mix of milk and water. Regarding slugs, well most of us use things like coffee grounds, crushed eggshells and wood ash but, of course, these can wash away when it rains. Top tip! Bran swells up when it is wet, which makes it more effective! This is a new one on me and I will be trying it out over the next few weeks. Also, I find copper tape put around the top of a pot is a great deterrent to slugs. Worked brilliantly last year with my potted Hosta. Those pesky weeds that keep growing between the patio slabs just keep on growing, and it is hard work to keep digging them out. I remember my mum used to boil a kettle of water and pour it on the weeds, and it kills them off. Ok you might have to do it on a fairly regular basis, but it’s a lot less strenuous than digging them out individually.
I’m sure most of us gardeners have had hints and tips and old gardeners’ tales passed on to us from parents and grandparents, some of which are helpful and some which, frankly, we think are absurd. I remember being told by my grandad that you should never sow seeds when the moon is waning. Ha! Ha! An old wives’ tale, I thought! According to scientific research, the waxing and waning of the moon affects the Earth’s magnetic field and the atmosphere. This causes even the smallest amount of water in the tiniest living organism to move around like the tides. The scientists reckon that significant rain is therefore more likely after a new moon. The ancient Egyptians believed in this too. Another gem is that if radishes are pulled when the moon wanes then rubbed on corns or warts it will cure them! Believe that if you like!
Recipe of the Month

  • 6 slices thick white bread (crusts left on)
  • 2 rounded tablespoons Seville orange marmalade (thick cut)
  • butter,
  • 330 ml milk or if you like the pudding really rich use 260mls milk and 60 ml of double cream
  • 3 large eggs
  • 3oz sugar

Make three sandwiches with the bread, butter and marmalade. Now butter the top slice of each sandwich and cut each one into 4 triangles. Arrange the sandwiches, butter side up, overlapping each other in a baking dish. Whisk together the milk (plus cream if used), eggs and sugar, then pour the  mixture all over the top of the sandwiches. Scatter the surface with a little demerara sugar and if you like a little grated orange zest.
Bake at 180c for about 40 minutes until the top is crispy and golden.
Serve with crème fresh or custard, or just on its own!

This is absolutely yummy! I add a little extra twist to the recipe by putting a few sultanas into each sandwich before cutting into four. Also a little drizzle of the orange marmalade dotted around the top just before baking.
QUIZ Answers
2) KIRK DOUGLAS             
4) WINDSOR (Merry wives of Windsor       
5) KEW             
7) SILVER (Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow)
8) 14           
9) FISH           
10) STEEL 
For Sale on behalf of a member
Mobility Scooter
Asking price £300.00 ONO  For more information, please contact Richard on 07735 779422
This is not affiliated with Northants Parkinson's People, but may well be of interest to our members
And Finally... 
I haven't got much to say this month, but I do wish to thank everyone for their kind words and cards on the passing of my lovely wife Dianne, She passed away peacefully at home on 22nd March.

Dianne was very happy to be involved with Northants Younger Parkinson's group and with Northants Parkinson's People. She really enjoyed the outings, meetings, walks and Angela's exercise groups. 

I also want to thank all those who contributed to the Rose bush given to me. It's in pride of place in my garden, and It will be a lovely reminder for me of her and the Parkinson's people who helped keep her going.

Thank you all
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