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September 2022 Issue No. 41
Welcome to newsletter No 41

Well, the heat has abated, the rain has made an appearance, and we seem to have a false autumn ( see 'and finally..' for more on that) You won't have to put your thermals on just yet though, so settle down and get stuck into issue 041 of Northants Parkinson's People newsletter.
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Remembering Joan Sculpher
We want to thank Frank for a donation made to Northants Parkinson's People in memory of Joan, Frank's wife. Joan used to come along to Fit&Fab very regularly before she became too ill to attend. Farewell Joan

2/9 return to Morocco
Northants Youngish Parkinson's Dudes Reasonably Regular Outings to Places That Coincidently Sell Beer   (NYPDRROPTCSB is a bit long, so we just say NYPD)
Following the huge success of the last trip, NYPD didn’t need a lot of encouragement by Bob to sign up for another pool evening. Just making sure we on the same page, pool has nothing to do with water, it's all about a table of balls and sticks called cues which are used to knock those balls into holes in the table, called pockets. Well, that’s the idea.
Shall we just say the event did provide a constant variety of entertainment for both onlookers and participants. No shots were made without some passing comment, in fact, (and you’re not going to believe this), the Landlord thought NYPD should form its own pool team!!
I don’t think that would include yours truly or the player making the second shot of the evening using the wrong ball (it’s the white one, by the way!). But hey, if we were all as good as Bob!
And the winner is?
Well to be honest I’m not quite sure, once you’ve taken the maestro Bob out of the equation, then who came the closest to beating him? Answers on a post card, please!

And the reason for this article's title.
NYPD had two new boys for the evening’s pool tournament, going under the names of Phil and John, as they didn’t want their identities known.
Foot note
You might be sure as soon as the Government announces The Minister for Drought it will start to rain!
What a drip!!
A great big thank-you to the Landlord and staff at the Road to Morocco Pub. The landlord, Steve, gave us the pool table money, a lovely Pasta and Meatball meal, then returned all the meal money we paid as a donation to the Northants Parkinson's People Charity
Crusader Boat Trip
We had a great time on our boat trip earlier this month. Weather was good, the only thing sunk was a few drinks at the pub
Bits and Pieces
We are trying to support our community by letting people pass on items which may benefit others, BUT we cannot guarantee the item and will not accept any liability if any mishap occurs in the use of any items. 


Free but a donation to the charity would be gratefully received. Contact Anne on 07896 942544 please.

The arm has been reupholstered now, so good as new. Free but a donation to the charity would be gratefully received. Contact Sylvia on 07923 237673

Singer Overlocker Sewing machine
This overlocker is in good condition. £50 (all to Northants Parkinson's People) Contact Sylvia on 07923 237673
Upcoming Events and Outings
At a glance - Dates for your diary - September
  • 6th Sept, 1st Tuesday Lunch club, Queen Eleanor Pub 12:30
  • 7th Sept, Botanical Gardens coach trip. 10:00am at County Lion depot
  • 18th Sept, 3rd Tuesday, Partner's coffee morning, The Halt pub, Chapel Brampton. 10:30
  • And our regular (Thursday) Fit&Fab sessions and (Mon, Wed, Fri) Walks in the Park as detailed below
More details below

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Trip

People who are going will get an email around the 30-31 August giving all details
There are a few places left on this trip to Birmingham Botanical Gardens where there are beautiful gardens to explore (lots of seats along the way). Four glass houses themed as tropical, subtropical, arid and Mediterranean. In addition, there is a butterfly house, Café and gift shop. 
DATE: Wednesday 7th September leaving Northampton at 10 a.m. from the County Lion Depot, Oxwich Road, Brackmills. arriving at the gardens at approximately 11:30. We will leave the botanical gardens at about 3.30 p.m. and arrive back in Northampton sometime around 5 p.m. this will allow us ample time to wander through the gardens and glass houses and have lunch.
We will be hiring a 29 seater bus which has a lower than average step into it - 12" from the ground for the first step, 8" for the second step and then 8" into the bus. There are two rails either side of the steps to hold onto. The steps are nice and deep. Sorry we could not find a suitable coach with wheelchair access. Wheelchairs and scooters can be rented at the gardens but you must book them. Walkers can be put into the bus boot.
The trip is subsidised and will cost £15 per person. (Sorry, but we cannot provide any physical support to access the bus or during the day).
Please let us know ASAP if you would like to come along by Phone or email...
Helpline 01604 244444
The website is if you would like to take a look at what is on offer there.

Every Thursday at Abington Park Rooms, Park Avenue North (& corner of Ashburnham Rd), Northampton NN3 2HT.
1st Thursday of the month is a one-hour session, every other Thursday it's a two-hour session with coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake!)
Any questions you can call Angela 07954 099 537
Walk In the Park
The walk in the park combines exercise, fresh air and good company. On Wednesday's and Fridays, we finish at the Park Café in Abington Park.

A nice walk in the park
  The full itinerary
  • Mondays       10:30, RACECOURSE, meet at the Pavilion car park.
  • Wednesdays AND Fridays       10:30, ABINGTON PARK, meeting at the bowling green/tennis courts. 
    The nearest entrance is in Christchurch Road. If you use the 'What three Words' app on your phone,
    the location is ///lace.hiking.drain

Lunch Club
Our Lunch Club is going strong, this month it's on the 6th September (1st Tuesday of the month), so please come along to the Queen Eleanor pub for 12:30 where the marvellous staff will serve us at our tables while we get on with this great social occasion.

Partners Coffee Morning
Meeting on every third Tuesday of the month, this month it's on the 18th Sept at 10:30am at Brampton Halt Pub, Pitsford Rd, Chapel Brampton, Northampton NN6 8BA. Please do come even if this is a little way out for you as we will be open to moving locations to suit everyone who comes along. The coffee is very reasonably priced, and everyone pays for their own beverages.
(Editors Note: - From the Chair, who signed this article 'Anon'. Good luck with that Richard)

First, a very warm welcome to all our readers. Yes, it’s most definitely been a hot month, and I’m guessing by the time this goes to print, we will have a hose pipe ban. Not much fun lugging watering cans round the garden! It does make us realize just how much water we use every day.
I’m sure Sylvia will have a few suggestions, either in this issue or passed newsletters (remember your past issues are all available on the website), on what to do to keep your bit of Eden in bloom.
Its worth considering collecting the water when you run the hot tap for the first time. For me, that’s at least 4 – 6 pints each time. Before you know it, that watering can is full!
Changing the subject and picking up on a request in the last newsletter. I don’t believe for one minute that amongst all you readers, there isn’t a story you would like to tell. Try it. Just make a few notes to start, then add a few more words to those notes, and hay-presto, you’re off on your story. (And those of you that have read any of my stuff will know, it doesn’t have to be absolutely the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!!).
If you would like to have a go, and need a bit of guidance, give us a shout.
Here is an opener, where has been your most memorable holiday? What prompted me to consider that question was by opening a dusty box file containing old passports. Now I can’t say ‘I’ve been everywhere man’, but it confirms I’ve been to quite a few far-flung destinations since that first passport was issued for a seventeen-year-old going to Austria with the scouts!
So how do you make that choice between the Italian lakes or Venice; that run along the Blue Ridge Mountain highway in Virginia, or Monument Valley in Arizona.
Then there’s the further afield trips to New Zealand’s North and South Island, the many beautiful islands of the Philippines, the buzz of Hong Kong, the floral displays in Singapore, and the many Wats in Bangkok. Not  forgetting the unreal city in the desert. Dubai and Tanzania’s stunning array of wildlife on the Serengeti!
And I mustn’t forget the land where a passport isn’t required, our very own UK!
So, pick one out of that!
You’re right, it’s going to be virtually impossible. I think I shall give this some further consideration and get back to you maybe in the next

With a bit of luck, I might have captured the minds of a few of you, so come on, tell us your
I found this interesting article, on gut health (not a charming way of saying it, is it) but there is a link here in case anybody wants to read it?

The Quiz
(Apologies for the lack of a quiz in last months edition, entirely my fault)
  1. In electronics, what do the letters AC/DC stand for?
  2. The tomb of which Pharaoh was discovered in 1923 ?
  3. In medieval Italy, the MEDICI family controlled which City State:
  4. Which English monarch did HENRY TUDOR defeat at the battle of Bosworth Field?
  5. What is the name given to the apparent path of the Sun through the constellations in the course of a year.
  6. When was the last CASTLE built in England.
  7. Which of the leader's of the Russian Revolution was assonated 1940, in Mexico City.
  8. H2O, is the formulae for which substance?
  9. Who led the campaign to unify the Italian states in the 1860s
  10. Who was the first woman to go into space?
  11. Other than the reigning monarch. Who is the only person to have had their image on the obverse side of a British coin.
  12. Which play by Shakespeare opens with these lines. "Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene"
  13. The biggest selling soft drink in every country in Europe, bar 1, is Coca-Cola. Which country is the odd one out, and what is the biggest selling soft drink there?
  14. Which Scottish city is known as the "Granite City?
  15. Who was the first Emperor of Rome,
  16. The phrase HAKUNA MATATA, means "no worries" but what language does it come from?
  17. The Suez Canal connects 2 seas, at the northern end it opens to the Mediterranean, but to which sea does it open to at its southern end?
  18. American composer John Cage once issued an album, with 1 track called 4 minutes and 33 seconds, It consisted of 4 mins and 33 secs of SILENCE.  TRUE OR FALSE?
  19. Sid Vicious, of the punk band the Sex Pistols, took his name from the HAMSTER of lead singer Johnny Rotten?  TRUE OR FALSE?
  20. Who narrated the most unlikely hit of the seventies "CAPTAIN BEAKY AND HIS BAND"?
Recipe of the Month
Quick Kedgeree

Ingredients for Two
  • Rice 135g
  • Smoked Haddock
  • 2 eggs
  • Cooked Prawns (from frozen is OK)
  • Frozen Peas
  • Milk
  • Vegetable gravy Granuals
  • Curry Powder
  • Cumin (ground)
  • Coriander (ground)
  • Remove peas (and prawns if frozen) from freezer
  • Cook Rice. Oh, how to explain. I use a small cup, which holds 135g of rice, I tip that into a saucepan then 2 cups water. That gets me 2 portions of rice. (an actual small cup, not the American measure of 1 CUP, which is just weird)
  • Add one teaspoon of Curry Powder, half a teaspoon of cumin, half a teaspoon of Coriander to the rice. Bring to the boil, LID ON, simmer for 14 mins then remove from heat and leave lid on for rice to absorb the remaining water.
  • In a separate saucepan, boil water, place two eggs in, simmer for 5 minutes, remove from heat, wait 2 minutes then pour hot water away and replace with cold, repeat 5 minutes later.
  • Prep the fish, if it needs simmering in milk (I use frozen that just needs 2 mins in microwave) remove fish from milk, break it into chunks.
  • Put the milk back to the boil, add gravy granuals to make a thick sauce. Lower heat. Add fish, prawns, peas and the rice. Stir gently.
  • Peel eggs and add to top of dish, Serve.
  • It will keep in fridge overnight, remove eggs to reheat in pan or microwave.
Don't be afraid to vary. Cream for milk, add chopped cooked peppers or sweetcorn etc.

Some more Origins of Nursery Rhymes
 Baa! Baa!  Black Sheep, 
Have you any wool
Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full
One for the master, One for the dame
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane
This rhyme goes back to the late 13th century and the reign of Edward I, king of England. Around 1296/97 Edward needed money to finance his war against France. The most efficient way of doing this was to change the tax system, the tax he chose to change was the wool tax. This was by far the most lucrative as well. 
The method he chose as very simple, one third of the amount collected went to the crown, one third to the church  (the dame), and a third to the farmer (the little boy). One could argue that it was an early protest song.  
Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry
When the boys  came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away
This verse was written around 1795, and was aimed at the Prince Regent, George, he was the regent who stood in for his father (George III) whilst his father was ill. He had a reputation of being obese, drinking too much and having several mistresses. Also, he was accused of having affairs with wives or daughters of high ranking military men, at the time when England was at war with Napoleons France. At this time, the press was just coming to be a big influence on public opinion. He was accused of wasting money from the public purse. Because the place he was said to run away to and hide, was his very, very expensive and grandiose pavilion he had instructed to be built on the south coast at Brighton.
With this all going on, George III died. The Prince, became King George IV, he was virtually ordered to get married. He tried to say he was already married to a mistress (Mrs Fitzherbert), but Parliament would not allow it as she was a catholic. He married Princess Caroline of Hess, on instruction from Parliament, but at the joint coronation of the pair, the king ordered the doors of Westminster Abbey to be closed to the Queen, the public were left with the appalling sight of the Queen consort banging on the doors of the Abbey demanding entry. The next morning, the ditty along with a caricature of the Prince appeared in print in every news-sheet in Britain.
Wouldn't happen now, would it? 
Gardening for September

If you haven’t done so yet, you should trim apple, pear and plum trees. Depending on the size of the tree, as to how much you cut off. Also, dependent on how big you want the tree to be. My trees are grown on pixie stock and therefore don’t grow much taller than approximately six feet high. I tend to trim back any branches which have grown this year by about a third. This helps to keep the tree in a nice shape. Watch out for any new branches sprouting in the centre of the tree and growing at an inwards angle. These, also, should be cut out as the tree should have a nice open centre.
I think this year is a bumper year for apples! Here is a picture of my small tree. Please bear in mind that I took a lot of the tiny apples off the tree in late May to minimize the weight.
With the hot, dry weather we have had over the past couple of months, I am thinking we might have to start growing more drought tolerant plants. Plus installing more water butts—I now have three.
Here are just a few plants which can survive dryer conditions.
Echinacea (Coneflower). These flower from early Summer to Autumn and are much loved by bees and butterflies and will often self-set seed if left to their own devices. They have beautiful brightly coloured flowers
Nepeta (catmint). This will grow pretty much anywhere, in pots or borders and tends to flower from early summer well into the Autumn. The plants can grow to between 1 and 3 feet tall and have a lovely scent. Don't confuse this with Catnip, which is much loved by cats for its euphoric effect on them.
Agastache is another good plant for drought. It grows much taller, sometimes up to 5 feet high. Can have either white or purple flower spikes. Again, loved by butterflies and bees.
Lavandula (Lavender). Native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East so it is no wonder that it is drought tolerant. It can be grown in pots or borders and needs little attention.
Eschscholzia californica (Californian Poppy). Drought resistant and will grow in poor soil. Best grown as an annual from seed. However, I planted seed in 2021, and it has grown again this year absolutely magnificently! The plant pictured is a double-flowered variety and believe it or not is a single plant!
Salvia (part of the sage family). These plants produce fabulous flowers ranging from 8 inches to 30 inches tall in beautiful colours such as red, purple, lilac and variegated. Loved by insects, they can be grown in the ground or in pots. The one in my garden is called ‘hot lips’. I’m sure you can see why!
Answers to the Quiz
  8. WATER
  15. AUGUSTUS (will accept OCTAVIAN)
  17. RED SEA
  18. TRUE
  19. TRUE
And Finally - A False Autumn is here

The hot summer temperatures in the UK have not just parched the earth and dried up rivers, lakes and reservoirs but are also seeing trees shed their leaves early and hedgerow fruits have matured up to 6 weeks early

Instead of green, many gardens, parks and woods are now a sea of orange, yellow, red and brown, with thick carpets of leaves on the ground. Acorns, blackberries and Sloes have also made a very early appearance

The early leaf fall—dubbed a "false autumn"—is a sign of stress, as trees shed their leaves to try to retain moisture.

But experts say while older trees with deep roots can withstand the drier conditions, younger, less established ones could be at risk.

"The trees are enacting the hormones they use in autumn to just retract and ensure their survival," according to the Woodland Trust conservation charity.



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