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September 2022 Issue No. 41
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Welcome to newsletter No 43

What a glorious week we've had, Autumn leaves, but mild and sunny. Clocks back this weekend though, so darker nights ahead and no doubt the odd rain shower on the way. I took this picture in the park this afternoon, while Buddy was of rolling in something revolting.

It might be the right time to remind everyone that despite the contradictory information from our newly rotated government and the power companies, remember to check on, and keep handy, torches, batteries, candles and thermos flasks in case of blackouts. The power companies are talking rotas for power outages, with notice beforehand, so the flask will be handy. Remember that gas central heating won't work without electricity (I know you know that, but it has to be said)

I got my winter fuel payment notice today, so all who qualify should have it soon.

I'm sure Sylvia will remind you, our December Lunch club will also be our Christmas Lunch, and will need booking, so if you want to attend, get your name and deposit in soon.
Charity News
Northants Parkinson's People contact details are
If you want to be a member of Northants Parkinson's People then, please Join Us Here
We would like to thank Barbara Lewis for donating more proceeds from the sale of her Poetry Books. Thank you once again Barbara, we appreciate your continued support.  
Quiz Night at the Road to Morocco

The Quiz night was a resounding success, we raised £230.70 through quiz entry fee's and the raffle.  Our host did us proud (again!) and provided an excellent meal for all attending. My unbiased report is, the best team won, Angela and I worked hard, writing down the answers our teammates provided, and we hope everyone who attended had a great night. Thank you to all who supported and also those who donated raffle prizes. A really big thank you to the staff and Landlord Steve of the Road to Morocco and to our Bob for asking the questions.


Sports Report
From your roving reporter here at Sixfields. Just in case you are confused, it was 10 pin bowling...

There's always one!
The air was electric, the noise almost deafening, the wait in line excruciating. Yes, the NYPD had picked a bowling night at the same time as a pre-teen coach party! Finally, the noise was herded into the waiting coaches, and we could hear the team selection, well, more likely who was in what lane.
Now I’ll try to keep this simple. There were three no shows; so their turns were entered as Spare, one in one lane and two in the other, so both lanes had the same number of turns. Simple!! (if you didn’t quite follow that, just look at the photos).
You must admire the dogged determination of the few who found the gutter a lot easier to roll down rather than spoil the neat rows of skittles. No amount of coaching advice was going to alter the course of that bowling ball. It’s probably appropriate at this point to explain the unbelievable success of the Spare.
The truth is, nobody knows. But, everyone there had a hand in it!
Well done to Lucy, with the highest individual score and finally, thanks to Nick for arranging an excellent fun night's entertainment.

As you can tell, The photos didn't turn up, so Phil had to improvise
£5.00 Tickets for ALL films at Moulton
Good news! Tickets for all the films being shown at Moulton Theatre are now on sale for £5.00 from Ticketsource. Go to the Moulton Theatre website "What's on" page & click on the "Click Here to Buy Tickets" button. This will take you directly to our Ticketsource page where you will be able to get more information about the films & book your tickets.
A member of the Ticket Selling Team will also be at the Theatre Coffee Morning on a Saturday from 10.00 am - 12.00 noon if you prefer to buy tickets in person.
At a cost of only £5.00 per ticket, this is excellent value for an evening's entertainment, & the Studio Bar will be open if you would like to treat yourself to a drink before or after the film.
Films are:
Wednesday 2nd November 7.30pm "The Duke" (2020) starring Jim Broadbent & Helen Mirren.
Friday 11th November 7.30pm "War Horse" (2011) Directed by Stephen Spielberg & Starring Jeremy Irvine
Saturday 19th November 7.30pm "The Italian Job" (1969) Starring Michael Caine, Noel Coward, Benny Hill, Raf Vallone
Friday 9th December 7.30pm "Dial M for Murder (1954) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Sunday 18th December 2.30pm "Love Actually" (2003) Cast includes Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy
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Upcoming Events and Outings
At a glance - Dates for your diary - September
  • 1st Nov, 1st Tuesday Lunch club, Queen Eleanor Pub 12:30
  • 15th Nov, 3rd Tuesday, Partner's coffee morning, The Halt pub, Chapel Brampton. 10:30
  • And our regular (Thursday) Fit&Fab sessions and (Mon, Wed, Fri) Walks in the Park as detailed below
More details below

Every Thursday at Abington Park Rooms, Park Avenue North (& corner of Ashburnham Rd), Northampton NN3 2HT.
1st Thursday of the month is a one-hour session, every other Thursday it's a two-hour session with coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake!)
Any questions you can call Angela 07954 099 537
Fit&Fab is online every Tuesday at 10am. For a small fee, join in for exercise from home. Email Angela on [email protected] or call 07954099537 for more details
Walk In the Park
The walk in the park combines exercise, fresh air and good company. On Wednesday's and Fridays, we finish at the Park Café in Abington Park.

A nice walk in the park
  The full itinerary
  • Mondays       10:30, RACECOURSE, meet at the Pavilion car park.
    Umbrella Fair for coffee afterwards
  • Wednesdays AND Fridays       10:30, ABINGTON PARK, meeting at the bowling green/tennis courts. 
    Park café for coffee afterwards.
Bob, and his new friend, going nuts!

Lunch Club
Our Lunch Club is going strong, this month it's on the 1st November (1st Tuesday of the month), so please come along to the Queen Eleanor pub for 12:30 where the marvellous staff will serve us at our tables while we get on with this great social occasion.
Please let Sylvia know if you are attending, so we get enough tables reserved

Partners Coffee Morning
Meeting on every third Tuesday of the month, this month it's on the 15th Novemberr at 10:30am at Brampton Halt Pub, Pitsford Rd, Chapel Brampton, Northampton NN6 8BA. Please do come even if this is a little way out for you as we will be open to moving locations to suit everyone who comes along. The coffee is very reasonably priced, and everyone pays for their own beverages.
We have a new contributor to our newsletter who has written about something which we are sure will resonate with many of you
Denial as a way of life?

This is a personal account of one journey amongst many, from the diagnosis of Parkinson's through to acceptance of the condition as a part of life. Almost acceptance anyway. August 09, 2017 was not a remarkable day for the vast majority of the population. The Sun played hide and seek with the clouds, the pigeons were making birds singing badly noises - and it rained. Just as my wife Sandy and I headed for the cinema on an anniversary outing. The car park was of course full and when I did find a space it was too small. I parked in it anyway and carefully extracted myself from my own car. Sandy watched me walk towards her and said, “Will you stop shuffling your feet? I’ve told you before, it makes you look old.” And so it begins.

Despite this somewhat harsh assessment of my style of perambulation, I enjoyed the film and the calorie laden lunch that went before it. I was thus somewhat surprised to find I’d lost a few pounds on the day.

A couple of weeks later, I was a stone lighter and feeling really rough, like I’d caught a bad case of the flu that just would not let go. Grumbling all the way, I shuffled off to the health centre. Due to the outrageous circumstance of my usual doctor being away on holiday, I got to see Dr Locum instead. He was a nice enough chap I suppose, if a little vacant for a highly trained GP.

He examined me, told me I probably had the flu (!) and recommended we keep an eye on it, see where it goes. Why was my shuffling getting worse? I was getting older, apparently, and I’d get tired easily. Rapid weight loss? Probably due to the flu. Rest when I could. Go back and see him again in a week or so if there was no improvement.

There was no improvement. I felt worse than ever in fact, so back I went. I was relieved to find Dr Locum was no longer with us and Dr Usual was back in residence. After a few minutes chit-chat we got into it with a go at the finger/thumb tapping game (never have figured that one out) followed up by some loaded questions concerning various bodily functions that I wasn’t keen to discuss. He paused and leaned back in his chair in that annoying way doctors do when there’s bad news coming, and delivered the damming verdict: “Sorry to have to tell you this, but I’m pretty sure you have Idiopathic Parkinson's. I’ll need to refer you to the consultant, who will want to do some clinical tests to confirm the diagnosis, and then we can start getting you medicated properly. How much do you know about Parkinson's?”

He then went into a long explanation of what the illness can/will do to its victims, but after I heard “incurable” and the list of brain functions that were scheduled for demolition, I confess I was no longer listening to a word he was saying. Ron had left the building and was flying in formation with the fairies over Battersea Power Station. I could hear Dr Usual droning on in the background, but he couldn’t possibly be talking to me because I didn’t get incurable neurological diseases. Besides, it would have been rude to interrupt.

Over the next few weeks, whilst I was perfecting the art of sticking my fingers in my ears, Parkies was having a grand time of it - which meant I wasn’t . One bit of doctor speak I should have listened to was the one that said they wouldn’t give me any specific medication to fight the symptoms I was suffering until they had proven it was Parkinson's Disease. There are apparently other similar conditions which require different chemicals.

As far as the consultant was concerned, this involved a strange ritualistic procedure called a DAT scan. Here you are injected with radioactive material and then sent away for several hours, presumably to meditate on the inevitability of your fate. Short term this is to be strapped to a trolley and pushed into the machine and then ordered to stay absolutely still for a good half hour while some very large white boxes circle your head very slowly and very very closely. Unnerving.
It was the beginning of November by now and in the absence of any communication from the Keepers of the Machine, Sandy took it upon herself to get me in as soon as possible. My wife is excellent at this stuff, miles better than me, so I was only too willing to stand aside and watch. After several epic encounters with the battle hardened appointments' secretary, Sandy was given a cancellation for the first week of December. (The appointment we had initially was for March, so this was a Big Win.)

The actual day of the scan was something of an anti-climax. I was suitably contaminated with the radioactive whatever-it- was early morning and, having stoically endured the entire “Glow in the Dark” joke book throughout the day, was ready to be fed to the DAT scanner at the appointed hour. Sometime later, the machine regurgitated my still shaking body. It was done now and results would follow.

Results that the medically trained ones would believe and act upon – assuming that they showed I actually had the accursed condition. It could just prove that I didn’t. It wasn’t me after all. Massive “I told you so” on the way. But here’s the thing; if your eyes are closed and your fingers are in your ears, you ain’t gonna know what hit you until it’s too late. Part of me still clung to the idea that there was nothing wrong, I didn’t get incurable neurological diseases, remember. I have better things to do than slowly lose the ability to do any of them. Maybe it’s best if I don’t see the results…..?

They arrived in the post. They confirmed Parkinson's. Medication was duly rained down upon me. My symptoms improved, and the Sun shone a little bit brighter. Not a lot, just a little. Do I accept that I have Parkinson's? Yes. And I’m very grateful for the support that I receive. Do I expect it will go away any time soon? No. I’ve seen it for myself in the eyes of those who are close to me. They know this train only runs one way, but I feel I owe it to them to do the best I can to slow this thing down – as long as that doesn’t involve me going to exercise classes. I can’t be doing with exercise classes.


        From the (Arm) Chair


Autumns first fire

I seem to recall writing about holidays in a previous Newsletter. That was before we tried to remember it's now God Save the KING, while at the same time trying to remember which Prime Minister was currently in residence!
So, briefly, to determine my favourite holiday I tipped out all the old passports thinking they would assist making a final choice. Well, maybe, but where did all the hair go?  See what I mean!!
(no comments necessary)

In the end it turned out to be no help in any decision-making (for the holiday, not hair loss!), for now I’ll say the Philippines, then again it could be New Zealand. But I’ll probably change my mind.
Enough of that, after all the holiday season is over unless of course you’re now planning a skiing trip to San Moritz! Now we need surely need a new project to keep our minds and bodies active. Fit and Fab will cover the latter, so how about hobbies for the mind?
If all goes according to plan, starting soon will be Hobbies Corner (or titled something like that), more details on this to follows in the newsletter.
For those of you enjoy whiling away a few hours in the evenings assembling things, I’ve just completed building this little project from a kit, titled Marble Explorer by ROKR. Kept me quiet for hours.
Get Arty, or get Crafty soon

We are in discussion about starting a regular art/crafts/hobbies group - perhaps once per month. We are looking at booking a local 'hub' where we can come together to share talents and interests - hopefully with cake and beverages. We haven't quite got details organised yet but keep an eye on upcoming newsletters. 
If you have any particular ideas about activities which would appeal to you, please let us know.... we want to support everyone affected by Parkinson's. 
The Quiz
  1. In the Peanuts strip cartoon, what is the name of SNOOPY'S little bird friend?
  2. This item is made from wood and paper and is found in every traditional Japanese house. In Japanese it is a SHOJI, what is it?
  3. In English what does the LATIN phrase "VOX POPULI"  mean?
  4. What ingredient gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavour?
  5. Which (middle eastern) country was ruled by KING HUSSAIN 1952 - 1999?
  6. What was the name of the explorer/navigator who the "new world" continents were named after in the 16th century?
  7. MICK HUCKNALL is the frontman for which band?
  8. In which English county will you find the WREKIN?
  9. What is the distance In a dead straight line from JOHN O'GROATS to LANDS END (within 50 miles)?
  10. Who was the only Prime Minister of Great Britain to have been assassinated?
  11. What were the 2 towns that were destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 bc?
  12. In WWII, Who or What was the MARQUIS?
  13. Which of the "FAB FOUR" was the last to join?
  14. MANCHEGO cheese comes from where?
  15. According to the advertisement,  which drink 'gives you wings'?
  16. Which author created the fictional detective ALEX CROSS?
  17. Author PATRICIA HIGHSMITH  keeps SNAILS as pets, and carries them in her handbag.
    TRUE      OR         FALSE 
  18. Which Scottish rock band took their name from an assonated archduke?
  19. The THREE WITCHES appear in which play by SHAKESPEARE ?
Poet's Corner, Its back!

Our poet is back - here is a ditty Dave has penned and sent to Annabelle at Radio Northampton which she read out on air...

Dear Annabelle if you would  be so kind, 
To read out this poem if you don't mind.
It is not a serious one, just a light hearted jest,
Of the place where I live, ill give it my best. 
This town is Northampton, a place I'm so proud ,
Where the people go shopping, they can be a crowd. 
The big stores have gone, I must confess ,
It's left us quite naked, in a  bit of a mess.  
With all the plans for  the future will make it feel better, 
It's not a bad town , I'll not forget her.
Now the landscape of the Shires it so hard to ignore, 
the Valleys so green,  we don't need any more. 
So much history that  this County does hold, 
It's such a nice place to live, or so I've been told.
Some more Origins of Nursery Rhymes
Hickory, Dickory, Dock
   The mouse ran up the clock
  The clock struck one
 Down the mouse  run
Hickory Dickory Dock
This little ditty was created around 1659, it was written mocking the most unlikely person to rule England. This person was the head of the governing body that ruled England 1658 - 1660, this was Richard Cromwell, son of Oliver who had died in 1658.  But in commentaries of that time,  it would appear that he was the original "square peg in a round hole", unlike his father he had no military leanings, certainly no aptitude for government or politics, So it was no surprise when the governing council decided to open negotiations with the exiled King Charles II, with an offer of the restoration of the monarchy. 
Richard Cromwell also called "Tumbledown Dick", he is referred to in the rhyme as the mouse and Dickory, also his reign such as it was only lasted for one year, But the newly restored King, allowed him to live in the countryside in peace on a farm in Norfolk.  Until he passed peacefully in his sleep in 1685, he was little remembered during his own time-- and virtually unknown to history. 
Time to pot up your Amaryllis bulbs, folks! If you have stored bulbs from last year, just check that they have kept well and not rotted. Select a pot which is only slightly wider than the bulb and half fill with compost. Place the bulb on top, gently spreading the roots (the top half of the bulb should be above the rim of the pot). Carefully fill in the sides, pushing the compost down with your fingers. Water well to settle the compost and continue with a weekly watering containing tomato feed. Keep in a warm place, and it should flower in around 8 weeks’ time.
If you have grown a chilli plant in a pot, it is now time to harvest the chillies and preserve them by either drying or freezing. I like to wash and dry them thoroughly and then spread onto a small tray and freeze them. When frozen, just tip into a plastic container. This way I can just take out an individual chilli and pop it into whatever I am cooking. You can also, if you wish, try keeping the plant. Lightly trim any straggly or dead bits off the plant and place in a heated greenhouse or inside the house. Water sparingly over winter. I am going to try keeping mine in a cold greenhouse.
Now is the time to sow next year’s sweet peas. Soak the pea seeds overnight to soften them slightly. This helps the germination process. Sweet peas like to throw down deep roots, so use pots rather than seed trays. Fill the pots to within an inch of the top with peat free compost, gently patting the surface down. Place two or three seeds in each pot and cover with about 2cms compost and then carefully firm down the surface. Water well and place in a cold greenhouse or frame I don’t have heating in my greenhouse, but what I do around this time every year is to insulate with bubble wrap. I never, ever throw bubble wrap away when I get some in a parcel, even if it is not in big sheets. It is so easy to tape pieces together. Once done, the sheets can be rolled up in spring time and stored and then brought out at this time of year. I only insulate the sides of my greenhouse, leaving the roof to catch as much light as possible.
Nice at this time of year to plant a pot with Autumn/Winter flowering plants. I always do three. Two at the front of my house which I can see from my front window and one at the back which I can see from the conservatory. It is a joy on a cold, damp winter day to look out and see some colour. This year I have planted dwarf tulips right at the bottom of the pot covered with a layer of compost then put dwarf daffodils on top and more compost At the top of the pot I have planted in the centre a Cineraria ‘Silver Dust’ and closely around it three hardy cyclamens of varying colours. Then a circle of winter flowering pansies. It is a nice splash of colour and then next spring the bulbs will push through and add to the display.
Answers to the Quiz
  5. JORDAN 
  9. 603 miles
  13. Sir RINGO STARR 
  14. SPAIN
  15. RED BULL
  17. TRUE
  18. JANE
This month, I have mostly been...  Cooking in my Air Fryer

And I must say, it's great, firstly it came all wrapped up in Christmas paper, so I didn't actually buy it. It's a small model, so OK for 1-2 people. And it seems to do the business quickly and therefore cheaper than the main oven.
An example, My meatball recipe (Newsletter No 27)  said to cook for 20 minutes, And that assumes the oven is up to temperature, so, oven on for about 30 minutes
Along comes the Hot Air Fryer and the meatballs cook in 11 minutes, from frozen! And an added bonus, two frozen slices of garlic bread dropped in TWO minutes before the end of cooking time come out perfect.
Now I just hope they buy me another present at Christmas
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