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February 2023 Issue No. 46
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Welcome to newsletter No 46

Minus four degrees, Hunsbury hill park. Freezing my bits off, but a lot nicer than overcast, wet and muddy.
Charity News
Northants Parkinson's People contact details are
If you want to be a member of Northants Parkinson's People then, please

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You get to vote in our AGM, or even join our committee or management team. Members also get discounts and subsidized tickets on our trips and outings. Joining is free, but of course we will accept donations.
The Big Trip Survey 2023
There is still time to do the survey!

Following the success of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens trip in 2022 and of course not forgetting those canal boat rides, it has sparked many to ask the question “what next?”
Well, there have been quite a number of ideas and (sensible) suggestions voiced and duly noted. As the list grew, some bright spark came up with the idea of a simple tick box survey in the form of a questionnaire that would give everyone the opportunity to show their preferences.
It must be stressed that, as with any survey, as many of you complete it as possible. It will be sent out by email, but the completed questionnaire returns are totally anonymous.
And when it arrives:-
  • No IT skill is needed (that’s a relief I hear you say!).
  • Just hit the circle for the event or events you would love to do (yes its multiple choice!).
  • If change your mind on any question, just click on the circle and “bingo” its cleared.
  • When you are done, just press on submit, and relax, you’re done.
And all that’s left for us to say is a big THANK YOU Knowing how involved you all are in participating in all things NPP there is going to be quite a lot to analyse, but as soon as this is complete, it will appear in a
forthcoming newsletter.

Do the survey here:  Start Survey
We have been contacted by Channel 4

Well, The casting researcher for 5 Mile Films, who wrote...

We’re the programme makers of the BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 series, The Dog House, filmed at Woodgreen Pets Charity and described as one of the most heart-warming programmes on TV. We are starting the search again for people who can offer a loving home to a rescue dog, and we wondered if you might be able to help?  
I’ve been looking for organisations that are in contact with people who are early-onset Parkinson’s. Specifically, people who would like to adopt a dog to help with their health journey and are open to sharing their stories. I wondered if it would be possible to share our attached flyer with details on how to apply. I have attached two flyers for you to choose from if you feel that it’s appropriate for members of your organisation. If useful, here is some information for you to share along with the flyer:
Could you provide a loving home for a rescue dog? The Channel 4 series, The Dog House is looking for couples, individuals, friends and families who are seriously considering bringing a rescue dog into their lives and are willing to share their reasons for doing so. 
Please follow this link to apply:  
So If any member is looking to rehome a dog, wouldn't mind being on the telly, this may be for you.
On BBC News Recently
An article appeared on BBC news this week regarding using exercise to stave off Parkinson's symptoms in its early stages. Read more here
Upcoming Events and Outings
At a glance - Dates for your diary - December
  • 4th February, zoom quiz 11:00am in the comfort of your own home.
  • 7th February, 1st Tuesday Lunch Club Queen Eleanor Pub 12:30
  • 21st February, 3rd Tuesday Carers coffee morning, VENUE CHANGE the Queen Eleanor Pub 10:30am
  • Our regular (Thursday) Fit&Fab sessions and (Mon, Wed, Fri) Walks in the Park as detailed below
More details below

Every Thursday at Abington Park Rooms, Park Avenue North (& corner of Ashburnham Rd), Northampton NN3 2HT.
1st Thursday of the month is a one-hour session, every other Thursday it's a two-hour session with coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake!)
Any questions you can call Angela 07954 099 537
Fit&Fab is online every Tuesday at 10am. For a small fee, join in for exercise from home. Email Angela on [email protected] or call 07954099537 for more details
Walk In the Park
The walk in the park combines exercise, fresh air and good company. On Wednesday's and Fridays, we finish at the Park Café in Abington Park.

A nice walk in the park
  The full itinerary
  • Mondays       10:30, RACECOURSE, meet at the Pavilion car park.
    Umbrella Fair for coffee afterwards
  • Wednesdays AND Fridays       10:30, ABINGTON PARK, meeting at the bowling green/tennis courts. 
    Park café for coffee afterwards.   

Lunch Club
Our Lunch Club is on 7th February (1st Tuesday of the month), so please come along to the Queen Eleanor pub for 12:30 we have reserved tables, great atmosphere and good company.
Please contact Sylvia to say if you are attending

Partners/Carers Coffee Morning
21st February at 10:30am (3rd Tuesday of the month) at the Queen Eleanor Pub. We are trying a different Venue this month. Join us for coffee and a chat
Zoom Quiz
1st Saturday of the Month 10:00am ZOOM QUIZ. Exercise the ol' grey matter from the comfort of your own home.  Call the helpline to get a zoom invite.
From the Chair

Another year over and a new one just begun. And how it's begun, wind, rain and sub-zero temperatures, colds, flu, strikes, and energy prices! But, come on, haven’t we seen it all before, apparently it's called progress (or should that be inflation).
So, let's all look not the bright side of life (I think I’m running out of tunes). The snow drops are daring to show their heads, and other greenery has ventured to the surface and Sylvias going to be in her element (once she’s defrosted the compost!)
What’s next? Well, by the time you read this, plans for future activities and events will (hopefully) established. Some will depend on the results of the survey, so, if you haven’t sent yours in yet, there is still time. (for planning trips).
Now I’ve been thinking (steady!); I’ve read somewhere that there is a story in everyone? The idea is for, say me, to start a story for the next newsletter. It will be total fiction, and who knows where it will go! What I’m looking for is like-minded budding authors to add their take on the story each month. The size and content will be entirely in the hands of the author of the month. There can be many twists in the tail, and who knows!
If you like the idea, please let me know by email, [email protected]. Or when you see me next.

Don’t forget the zoom quiz on the 4 th February by the way.  Richard.
The Quiz
  1. What is the world's longest river?
  2. What is the collective noun for a group of CROWS?
  3. Which of these is NOT a town in the USA?
    A) BORING   B) ODD      C) SPLATT
  4. What does the acronym  "NIMBY"  STAND FOR.?
  5. Where in ENGLAND is there a bent and twisted spire that is 600 years old? 
  6. Which football team in ENGLAND plays in the STADIUM OF LIGHT?
  7. In cockney rhyming slang, if you ordered an "Al Pacino" what would you receive?
  8. Which crime writer created the Private Detective PHILIP MARLOWE?
  9. In the novelists name "P.G. WOODHOUSE", what do the initials P G stand for?
  10. ATHOS, PORTHOS and ARAMIS. Appear in which novel, and who are they?
  11. In the novel, by James Fennimore-Cooper, who's the last of the Mohican's. 
  12. In the novel the "Scarlet Pimpernel"  who is revealed as the Scarlet Pimpernel? 
  13. The CAMBODIAN language has the largest alphabet of any language, but how many letters does it contain?
  14. Who is credited with inventing the CAT FLAP?
  15. What is the LARGEST ISLAND in the world?
  16. In British pre-decimal currency, which coin was nick-named a HALF A DOLLAR?
  17. In the novel TREASURE ISLAND, who had a PARROT named CAP'N FLINT?
  18. With whom did LADY CHATTERLEY have an affair with, in D.H. Lawrence's novel?
  19. How many aeroplanes did BRITAIN LOSE in WWII?
Poetry Corner
Who remembers when all football matches started at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, and listening for the results at 5 o’clock to see if you had won on the Football pools? And you had to send the pools form off by post with a postal order which you had queued to get at the Post Office. What a faff!!
Anyway, here is a little something that might bring back those memories:

On Wednesday night, my attempt to win
A fortune for myself will once more begin.
Each Wednesday in fact, the football pools
Take up my time, surely a game for fools.
Nine results, four aways, a line of draws,
I eagerly await the final scores.
Arsenal one, West Ham United five,
Oh good, that keeps my hopes alive.
Everton two, Manchester City nil,
I am keeping my fingers crossed until
No good at all, THE COBBLERS scored four!!
I'll have to play this silly game once more.

John Ellis
Gardening for February

So here we are at the beginning of a new year in the garden! Apart from sorting through last year’s seeds (discarding any which are out of date) there are a few things which can be done when the weather allows.
Hellebores are such a striking addition to any dark, dreary corner of the garden. Even though we have had lots of frost lately, if you look really closely you will see tiny buds pushing through the soil. Trim off the old leaves in the middle to end of February so that the flowers are displayed to their maximum. Don’t worry about the plant looking bare because when the flowers die back new leaves will sprout up.
Fancy growing your own potatoes? Any container will do as long as it has drainage. Potato planting bags are cheap and easy to get. Also, they are easy to move around as they usually have handles, start off by buying seed potatoes. Don’t be tempted to use any sprouting potatoes from the fridge as they have not been treated, and you could end up introducing diseases into your garden which will be very hard to get rid of. So, once you have made your mind up as to what variety you would like to buy, then they need to be ‘chitted’. Basically, stand in a container in a cool place with the little sprouting ‘eyes’ at the top. (Egg boxes are ideal). Leave for six weeks before planting in the bags or container of your choice (more on this next month). I have tried many different varieties, but I always seem to go back to one called Charlotte.
My lime tree pictured in edition 44 is flowering, and I have to share it with you. Each tiny little flower is a possible lime. So here is a picture and hopefully in a few months’ time I will be able to show a picture of the fruit.
Lastly, but not least, I have added to my berry family. Yes, I know, I hear you saying, ‘where on earth is she going to put them’? Read on and all will be revealed! You will recall that I already have three raspberry bushes, two gooseberries and two blueberries all in pots. No space left on ground so I am going up!! I have found a new variety of blackberry. It is a trailing plant suitable for hanging baskets or pots. Even better, no thorns! The variety is called ‘Black Cascade’. It has beautiful white flowers in the summer which attract bees and butterflies and the harvest time is between August and October. The plants look extremely healthy, and I am excited to see how they
progress. I am using the cheapest 14” hanging baskets I could find. They have a plastic lining and I always poke a few holes in the lining for drainage. I also cut the bottom off an old yogurt pot for a makeshift saucer to stand in the bottom of the basket. This ensures that the plant’s roots can tap into a little moisture if necessary. I had hoped to show a picture of one of the plants nicely settled in its new home. However, this morning, when I went into the greenhouse to plant it up the bag of compost was frozen, so this photo of pot standing in basket is as far as I was able to go.
This is what I am hoping for, if not this year, then next.
All for now, folks. Keep warm and well.

This comes from the fact that the port of Bristol, in the west country, is situated on the estuary where the river AVON meets the river SEVERN. 
This results in a tidal difference of 12.7 feet, on average. The second-largest tide in the world.  
When ships came to dock the tide was so reliable that the boats could be propped up all ready to be refloated, all loaded, increasing the turn around times of the ships compared to the other major ports. Plus the link by road and canal (the Thames and Kennet/Avon canals) So it came to be mean that when they said All ready ship shape and Bristol fashion, it came to be a compliment on the tidiness and speed of any undertaking.
Quiz Answers
  2. A MURDER 
  3. C, Splatt, it's in Devon UK
  13. 72
  18. Oliver Mellows, her husband's Gamekeeper
  19. 45,000
What the @#$%&! Is a Grawlix?

The term grawlix refers to the series of typographical symbols (such as @#$%&!) used in cartoons and comic strips to represent swear words. Plural: grawlixes.

Why have I told you this snippet of useless information? Well last month I was preparing to harvest my first mushrooms, The Oyster mushrooms were coming on great, there were about six lovely button mushrooms, all pristine without those annoying bits of compost you get on the store bought ones. And I did harvest them, and I made a delicious omelette with them. Here they are simmering in butter and garlic

So the story continues...
What the @#$%&!
That's all folks, no more mushrooms came out, those 6-7 mushrooms is all I got from the two kits. I'm guessing the extreme cold in the garage did for them. I still hope the improving temperature will bring them on. Back to the drawing board, well technically back to Tesco to buys some bluming Mushrooms!
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